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2021/10/08 : 2.5-dev9
- head-truc
- REGTESTS: lua: test the httpclient:get() feature
- Revert "head-truc"
- BUG/MEDIUM: httpclient: replace ist0 by istptr
- MINOR: config: use a standard parser for the "nbthread" keyword
- CLEANUP: init: remove useless test against MAX_THREADS in affinity loop
- MEDIUM: init: de-uglify the per-thread affinity setting
- MINOR: init: extract the setup and end of threads to their own functions
- MINOR: log: Try to get the status code when MUX_EXIT_STATUS is retrieved
- MINOR: mux-h1: Set error code if possible when MUX_EXIT_STATUS is returned
- MINOR: mux-h1: Be able to set custom status code on parsing error
- MEDIUM: mux-h1: Reject HTTP/1.0 GET/HEAD/DELETE requests with a payload
- MEDIUM: h1: Force close mode for invalid uses of T-E header
- BUG/MINOR: mux-h1/mux-fcgi: Sanitize TE header to only send "trailers"
- MINOR: http: Add 422-Unprocessable-Content error message
- MINOR: h1: Change T-E header parsing to fail if chunked encoding is found twice
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux-h1/mux-fcgi: Reject messages with unknown transfer encoding
- REGTESTS: Add script to validate T-E header parsing
- REORG: pools: move default settings to defaults.h
- DOC: peers: fix doc "enable" statement on "peers" sections
- MINOR: Makefile: add MEMORY_POOLS to the list of DEBUG_xxx options
- MINOR: ssl: Set connection error code in case of SSL read or write fatal failure
- MINOR: ssl: Rename ssl_bc_hsk_err to ssl_bc_err
- MINOR: ssl: Store the last SSL error code in case of read or write failure
- REGTESTS: ssl: enable show_ssl_ocspresponse.vtc again
- REGTESTS: ssl: enable ssl_crt-list_filters.vtc again
- BUG/MEDIUM: lua: fix wakeup condition from sleep()
- BUG/MAJOR: lua: use task_wakeup() to properly run a task once
- MINOR: arg: Be able to forbid unresolved args when building an argument list
- BUG/MINOR: tcpcheck: Don't use arg list for default proxies during parsing
- BUG/MINOR: tcp-rules: Stop content rules eval on read error and end-of-input
- MINOR: tasks: catch TICK_ETERNITY with BUG_ON() in __task_queue()
- REGTESTS: ssl: show_ssl_ocspresponse w/ freebsd won't use base64
- REGTESTS: ssl: wrong feature cmd in show_ssl_ocspresponse.vtc
- CLEANUP: tasks: remove the long-unused work_lists
- MINOR: task: provide 3 task_new_* wrappers to simplify the API
- MINOR: time: uninline report_idle() and move it to task.c
- REORG: sched: move idle time calculation from time.h to task.h
- REORG: sched: move the stolen CPU time detection to sched_entering_poll()
- BUG/MEDIUM: filters: Fix a typo when a filter is attached blocking the release
- BUG/MEDIUM: http-ana: Clear request analyzers when applying redirect rule
- MINOR: httpclient: destroy() must free the headers and the ists
- MINOR: httpclient: set HTTPCLIENT_F_ENDED only in release
- MINOR: httpclient: stop_and_destroy() ask the applet to autokill
- MINOR: httpclient: test if started during stop_and_destroy()
- MINOR: httpclient/lua: implement garbage collection
- BUG/MEDIUM: httpclient/lua: crash because of b_xfer and get_trash_chunk()
- MINOR: httpclient: destroy checks if a client was started but not stopped
- BUG/MINOR: httpclient/lua: does not process headers when failed
- MINOR: httpclient/lua: supports headers via named arguments
- CLEANUP: server: always include the storage for SSL settings
- CLEANUP: sample: rename sample_conv_var2smp() to *_sint
- CLEANUP: sample: uninline sample_conv_var2smp_str()
- MINOR: sample: provide a generic var-to-sample conversion function
- BUG/MEDIUM: sample: properly verify that variables cast to sample
- BUILD: action: add the relevant structures for function arguments
- BUILD: extcheck: needs to include stream-t.h
- BUILD: hlua: needs to include stream-t.h
- BUILD: stats: define several missing structures in stats.h
- BUILD: resolvers: define missing types in resolvers.h
- BUILD: httpclient: include missing ssl_sock-t
- BUILD: sample: include openssl-compat
- BUILD: http_ana: need to include proxy-t to get redirect_rule
- BUILD: http_rules: requires http_ana-t.h for REDIRECT_*
- BUILD: vars: need to include xxhash
- BUILD: peers: need to include eb{32/mb/pt}tree.h
- BUILD: ssl_ckch: include ebpttree.h in ssl_ckch.c
- BUILD: compiler: add the container_of() and container_of_safe() macros
- BUILD: idleconns: include missing ebmbtree.h at several places
- BUILD: connection: connection.h needs list.h and server.h
- BUILD: tree-wide: add missing http_ana.h from many places
- BUILD: cfgparse-ssl: add missing errors.h
- BUILD: tcp_sample: include missing errors.h and session-t.h
- BUILD: mworker: mworker-prog needs time.h for the 'now' variable
- BUILD: tree-wide: add several missing activity.h
- BUILD: compat: fix -Wundef on SO_REUSEADDR
- CLEANUP: pools: pools-t.h doesn't need to include thread-t.h
- REORG: pools: uninline the UAF allocator and force-inline the rest
- REORG: thread: uninline the lock-debugging code
- MINOR: thread/debug: replace nsec_now() with now_mono_time()
- CLEANUP: remove some unneeded includes from applet-t.h
- REORG: listener: move bind_conf_alloc() and listener_state_str() to listener.c
- CLEANUP: listeners: do not include openssl-compat
- CLEANUP: servers: do not include openssl-compat
- REORG: ssl: move ssl_sock_is_ssl() to connection.h and rename it
- CLEANUP: mux_fcgi: remove dependency on ssl_sock
- CLEANUP: ssl/server: move ssl_sock_set_srv() to srv_set_ssl() in server.c
- REORG: ssl-sock: move the sslconns/totalsslconns counters to global
- REORG: sample: move the crypto samples to ssl_sample.c
- REORG: sched: moved samp_time and idle_time to task.c as well
- REORG: time/ticks: move now_ms and global_now_ms definitions to ticks.h
- CLEANUP: tree-wide: remove unneeded include time.h in ~20 files
- REORG: activity: uninline activity_count_runtime()
- REORG: acitvity: uninline sched_activity_entry()
- CLEANUP: stream: remove many unneeded includes from stream-t.h
- CLEANUP: stick-table: no need to include socket nor in.h
- MINOR: connection: use uint64_t for the hashes
- REORG: connection: move the hash-related stuff to connection.c
- REORG: connection: uninline conn_notify_mux() and conn_delete_from_tree()
- REORG: server: uninline the idle conns management functions
- REORG: ebtree: split structures into their own file ebtree-t.h
- CLEANUP: tree-wide: only include ebtree-t from type files
- REORG: connection: move the largest inlines from connection.h to connection.c
- CLEANUP: connection: do not include http_ana!
- CLEANUP: connection: remove unneeded tcpcheck-t.h and use only session-t.h
- REORG: connection: uninline the rest of the alloc/free stuff
- REORG: task: uninline the loop time measurement code
- CLEANUP: time: move a few configurable defines to defaults.h
- CLEANUP: fd: do not include time.h
- REORG: fd: uninline compute_poll_timeout()
- CLENAUP: wdt: use ha_tkill() instead of accessing pthread directly
- REORG: thread: move the thread init/affinity/stop to thread.c
- REORG: thread: move ha_get_pthread_id() to thread.c
- MINOR: thread: use a dedicated static pthread_t array in thread.c
- CLEANUP: thread: uninline ha_tkill/ha_tkillall/ha_cpu_relax()
- DOC: configuration: add clarification on escaping in keyword arguments
- BUG/MINOR: task: fix missing include with DEBUG_TASK
- MINOR: pools: report the amount used by thread caches in "show pools"
- MINOR: quic: Distinguish packet and SSL read enc. level in traces
- MINOR: quic: Add a function to dump SSL stack errors
- MINOR: quic: BUG_ON() SSL errors.
- MINOR: quic: Fix SSL error issues (do not use ssl_bio_and_sess_init())
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux-quic: reinsert all streams in by_id tree
- BUG/MAJOR: xprt-quic: do not queue qc timer if not set
- MINOR: mux-quic: release connection if no more bidir streams
- BUG/MAJOR: quic: remove qc from receiver cids tree on free
- BUG/MEDIUM: mux_h2: Handle others remaining read0 cases on partial frames
- MINOR: qpack: do not encode invalid http status code
- MINOR: qpack: support non-indexed http status code encoding
- MINOR: qpack: fix memory leak on huffman decoding
- CLEANUP: mux-quic: remove unused code
- BUG/MINOR: quic: fix includes for compilation
- BUILD: connection: avoid a build warning on FreeBSD with SO_USER_COOKIE
- BUILD: init: avoid a build warning on FreeBSD with USE_PROCCTL
- REORG: time: move time-keeping code and variables to clock.c
- REORG: clock: move the updates of cpu/mono time to clock.c
- MINOR: activity: get the run_time from the clock updates
- CLEANUP: clock: stop exporting before_poll and after_poll
- REORG: clock: move the clock_id initialization to clock.c
- REORG: clock/wdt: move wdt timer initialization to clock.c
- MINOR: clock: move the clock_ids to clock.c
- MINOR: wdt: move wd_timer to wdt.c
- CLEANUP: wdt: do not remap SI_TKILL to SI_LWP, test the values directly
- REORG: thread/sched: move the task_per_thread stuff to thread_ctx
- REORG: thread/clock: move the clock parts of thread_info to thread_ctx
- REORG: thread/sched: move the thread_info flags to the thread_ctx
- REORG: thread/sched: move the last dynamic thread_info to thread_ctx
- MINOR: thread: make "ti" a const pointer and clean up thread_info a bit
- MINOR: threads: introduce a minimalistic notion of thread-group
- MINOR: global: add a new "thread-groups" directive
- MINOR: global: add a new "thread-group" directive
- MINOR: threads: make tg point to the current thread's group
- MEDIUM: threads: automatically assign threads to groups
- MINOR: threads: set the group ID and its bit in the thread group
- MINOR: threads: set the tid, ltid and their bit in thread_cfg
- MEDIUM: threads: replace ha_set_tid() with ha_set_thread()
- MINOR: threads: add the current group ID in thread-local "tgid" variable
- MINOR: debug: report the group and thread ID in the thread dumps
- MEDIUM: listeners: support the definition of thread groups on bind lines
- MINOR: threads: add a new function to resolve config groups and masks
- MEDIUM: config: resolve relative threads on bind lines to absolute ones
- MEDIUM: stick-table: never learn the "conn_cur" value from peers









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