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Change Log for 79.9999.191


Fixed case CPANEL-11400: Addon domains and aliases are now listed on the awstats landing page.Fixed case CPANEL-12974: Fix scripts/installpostgres and scripts/restartsrv_postgresql to properly function in an Amazon Linux environment.Fixed case CPANEL-14625: Send HTTP/1.1 200 OK for initial login page views.Fixed case CPANEL-18409: Block upgrades for servers using unsupported remote MySQL versions.Fixed case CPANEL-18742: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.4-3.Fixed case CPANEL-20541: Fallback to dumping with utf8 charset if utf8mb4 fails.Fixed case CPANEL-20549: Prevent accounts being created in mounts that are subdirectories of any HOMEMATCH directory.Fixed case CPANEL-20742: Transfer Tool: Improve how bandwidth data is packaged.Fixed case CPANEL-21165: WHM: Remove personal data from the URL when parking and unparking a domain.Fixed case CPANEL-21470: Fix passphrase validation on SFTP transport form.Fixed case CPANEL-21675: The "Create Support Ticket" wizard will now suggest opening tickets with the user's license provider.Fixed case CPANEL-21758: Ensure all HTML option tags provide a value so our forms will work with the Google Translate browser extension.Fixed case CPANEL-22022: Switch to Net::IDN::Encode for punycode.Fixed case CPANEL-22148: Transfer Tool: Ensure source servers with invalid licenses are detected during preflight checks.Fixed case CPANEL-22171: Check that HOMEMATCH directories used for new accounts are writable and readable.Fixed case CPANEL-22188: Prevent rearrangeacct from listing invalid mount points when HOMEMATCH is blank.Fixed case CPANEL-22221: Update verify.cpanel.net API endpoints.Fixed case CPANEL-22244: Improve FTP and SFTP timeout field validation messages.Fixed case CPANEL-22464: Ensure restoring email forwarders does not corrupt Exim datastores.Fixed case CPANEL-22747: Improve error messaging when DNS DCV fails due to inability to contact Root DNS Nameservers.Fixed case CPANEL-22855: Address warnings in scripts/sshcontrol.Fixed case CPANEL-23143: Bad permissions on a feature list file will no longer allow the user to fall back to the default feature list.Fixed case CPANEL-23165: Ensure cphulkd service checks verify the socket files exist.Fixed case CPANEL-23170: Fix bug in restorepkg where updateuserdomains was not ran when userdata did not exist in the archive.Fixed case CPANEL-23245: Transfer Tool: Improve the error handling when wrapping up transfers.Fixed case CPANEL-23355: Various warnings and banners are shown in WHM when quotas are disabled.Fixed case CPANEL-23364: Change Enable action icon for Additional Destinations.Fixed case CPANEL-23498: SSL Status: Workaround www domain cruft in userdata.Fixed case CPANEL-23546: Allow limited resellers to edit "Unlimited" package items.Fixed case CPANEL-23547: Improve the preflight checks for MySQL upgrades.Fixed case CPANEL-23672: Update the description of the edit-account super privilege.Fixed case CPANEL-23889: Ensure the PHP-FPM packages are installed prior to switching PHP versions.Fixed case CPANEL-23899: Update cpanel-php72-horde to 5.2.18-6.cp1176.Fixed case CPANEL-23904: Update site-publisher-templates to 1.0-3.cp1170.Fixed case CPANEL-23924: Use native tooltips instead of bootstrap tooltips on header and sidebar.Fixed case CPANEL-23957: Add a disk space check during account backups.Fixed case CPANEL-24016: Make Exim not always reject spam messages when an autoresponder is active.Fixed case CPANEL-24039: Require Maximum Allowed Disk Space and Bandwidth settings to be numbers.Fixed case CPANEL-24039: Ensure we have a valid value for reseller resource usage limits.Fixed case CPANEL-24058: Update cpanel-wrap to 72.5-2.cp1172.Fixed case CPANEL-24186: Improved formatting of disk usage notifications for users with unlimited quotas.Fixed case CPANEL-24201: Update xml.php commands deprecated in PHP 7.2.Fixed case CPANEL-24274: Replace uses of mysqladmin binaries with DBI.Fixed case CPANEL-24289: Display modsec_vendor SSL error during upcp process.Fixed case CPANEL-24294: Update ipfree data for 80.Fixed case CPANEL-24314: Optimize SVG sprite generator.Fixed case CPANEL-24333: Fix Backup Configuration forms so pressing Enter will submit.Fixed case CPANEL-24345: Map user during restoration of db restore disabled.Fixed case CPANEL-24365: Fix timeout validation messages for Google Drive form.Fixed case CPANEL-24384: Add list of invalid names to Mail Filter directory error.Fixed case CPANEL-24415: Do not add host notes for hosts that don't exist.Fixed case CPANEL-24473: Ensure that php-fpm is enabled for all domains on the account upon restoration, if the server is configured to enable php-fpm by default.Fixed case CPANEL-24478: Correct uninitialized value in cpdavd log when using IPV6.Fixed case CPANEL-24491: Mark SpamAssassin as skipped for dnsonly.Fixed case CPANEL-24494: Update cpanel-sqlite to 3.27.1-1.cp1170.Fixed case CPANEL-24499: Update cPanel Git to version 2.20.Fixed case CPANEL-24510: Stop center positioned alerts from flickering.Fixed case CPANEL-24536: New upstream release phpMyAdmin-4.8.4-1.Fixed case CPANEL-24555: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.4-2.cp1180.Fixed case CPANEL-24563: Reduce varcache namespace size.Fixed case CPANEL-24588: Backups will no longer save bandwidth if flag is off.Fixed case CPANEL-24606: Correct punctuation in Webmail>BoxTrapper>Configure Settings.Fixed case CPANEL-24619: Fix cPanel Api2 Email::listfilters.Fixed case CPANEL-24627: Update Net::DNS to release 1.17-3.cp1178.Fixed case CPANEL-24628: Add support for importing Composite Document Format files.Fixed case CPANEL-24630: Unship compat-MySQL5x-shared RPMS no longer needed by EA3.Fixed case CPANEL-24635: Allow reseller to keep Unlimited values when editing packages.Fixed case CPANEL-24637: Allow a value of 0 in Calculated Spam Score.Fixed case CPANEL-24638: Teach UAPI to handle unrecognized exceptions gracefully.Fixed case CPANEL-24639: Ensure PostgreSQL passwords are properly handled on CentOS 6.Fixed case CPANEL-24651: Check for uninitialized values in cPanel > Forwarders config.Fixed case CPANEL-24652: Fileman.pm should not log errors if charset is undefined.Fixed case CPANEL-24676: API Tokens: Ensure that the listaccts API call respects the 'list-accts' priv.Fixed case CPANEL-24683: Use Cpanel::Encoder::Tiny::safe_html_decode_str directly.Fixed case CPANEL-24707: Switch cPanel::PublicAPI to use Cpanel::Encoder::URI as the primary encoder.Fixed case CPANEL-24712: Upstream update cPanel-PublicAPI to 2.3.Fixed case CPANEL-24729: Upstream update IO::SigGuard and File::Slurp by dependency.Fixed case CPANEL-24732: Reduce the time that safefile needs to get a lock.Fixed case CPANEL-24735: Add SSL protocol defaults to WHM>Mailserver Configuration.Fixed case CPANEL-24739: Use loadConfig to parse package files.Fixed case CPANEL-24768: Teach system about linux RESERVED_PIDS.Fixed case CPANEL-24773: Autoresponders can no longer be overwritten during creation.Fixed case CPANEL-24774: Remove personal data from the URL when editing and deleting autoresponders in cPanel.Fixed case CPANEL-24776: Update cache in the background when creating new email accounts.Fixed case CPANEL-24777: Ensure new_owner calls during transfer returns consistent results.Fixed case CPANEL-24837: Provide a useful error message when running spf_installer for users that don't exist.Fixed case CPANEL-24841: Remove auto-whitelisting from Exim Configuration Manager.Fixed case CPANEL-24862: Fix permissions on document root directories recreated by build_apache_conf.Fixed case CPANEL-24896: Move Locale Api1 functions into a separate module.Fixed case CPANEL-24898: Fix wait times in Cpanel::Kill.Fixed case CPANEL-24904: Handle uninitialized values when building WHM account list.Fixed case CPANEL-24925: Reduce SSLStorage overhead from SSL installs.Fixed case CPANEL-24931: Improve the password strength checker to mark passwords with dictionary words as weak.Fixed case CPANEL-24940: Add paper_lantern UI include point in HTML HEAD.Fixed case CPANEL-24948: Make Application Manager programming language agnostic, add port info.Fixed case CPANEL-24949: Ensure a functional default directory is created when passing an empty document root path for *.domain.tld.Fixed case CPANEL-24986: Use the public IP when updating addon domain A records.Fixed case CPANEL-25000: Remove references to "ssl_protocols" where reasonable.Fixed case CPANEL-25016: Fix Manage Plugins after plugins repo file change.Fixed case CPANEL-25017: Preserve spaces around anchor tags when displaying plain-text versions of HTML.Fixed case CPANEL-25034: Remove Cpanel::Counters and all uses of it.Fixed case CPANEL-25039: Improved logging when MySQL is restarted due to a limits adjustment.Fixed case CPANEL-25050: Updated cpanel-perl-528-Cpanel-CORE-Dependencies.Fixed case CPANEL-25073: Display an error when restoring invalid email forwarders and filters.Fixed case CPANEL-25075: If the backup directory is added to a users backup exclude list it is now ignored.Fixed case CPANEL-25078: Properly detect MySQL 5.7 build information with WHMAPI1 installed_versions.Fixed case CPANEL-25089: Email Deliverability: Let users scroll through DKIM keys in the UI.Fixed case CPANEL-25090: Verify DKIM validity cache when validity check API confirms validity.Fixed case CPANEL-25092: Make YUM repos work with CentOS7-derived Amazon Linux.Fixed case CPANEL-25097: Removed deprecated update-roundcube script.Fixed case CPANEL-25114: Correct uninitialized value in Address Imports on CentOS 6.Fixed case CPANEL-25125: Set PHP defaults dynamically to future proof against PHP EOL.Fixed case CPANEL-25131: Ensure sshd can be restarted thru systemd on systems where safesshrestart was used.Fixed case CPANEL-25143: Ensure Imagick prerequisites are installed.Fixed case CPANEL-25146: Reject invalid tags in DKIM RR parsing.Fixed case CPANEL-25147: Email Deliverability: Fix double HTML-encode in read-only form values.Fixed case CPANEL-25173: Fix race condition when running quotacheck.Fixed case CPANEL-25193: Prevent the search for homedir from throwing an ignored exception.Fixed case CPANEL-25196: Improved shutdown handling for MariaDB.Fixed case CPANEL-25217: Transfer Tool: Remove dependency on /etc/trueuserdomains from the Plesk dump_database_and_users script.Fixed case CPANEL-25221: Ensure AutoSSL can install a certificate when the account is over quota.Fixed case CPANEL-25240: Fix upgrades to MySQL 5.7 when deprecated keys are present in the /etc/my.cnf file.Fixed case CPANEL-25246: Update root nameservers in /usr/local/cpanel/etc/named.ca.Fixed case CPANEL-25260: Clarify the error message when a DNS entry already exists.Fixed case CPANEL-25277: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.101.1-1.Fixed case CPANEL-25278: Make account removal tolerate invalid web vhosts config.Fixed case CPANEL-25285: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.5-2.[security] Fixed case CPANEL-25286: Update to cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.5-1.Fixed case CPANEL-25304: Don't output unnecessary errors when attempting to detect default boot kernel.Fixed case CPANEL-25322: Reduce cPanel install time by doing taskqueue wait in background.Fixed case CPANEL-25330: Collapse empty/single space lines in X-Spam/Ham headers.Fixed case CPANEL-25338: Prevent sync from showing permissions data unless there is an error.Fixed case CPANEL-25346: Remove old CPanelPost one time calls.Fixed case CPANEL-25347: Ensure deleted feature lists do not linger in cache after deletion.Fixed case CPANEL-25350: Avoid forcing service setup during cPanel install.Fixed case CPANEL-25351: ChkServd must do hard restarts to recover failed service.Fixed case CPANEL-25355: Reduce the number of packages needed for a base cPanel install.Fixed case CPANEL-25356: cphulkd fails to bring dbprocessor back up if it fails.Fixed case CPANEL-25363: Resolved warnings generated when scheduling duplicate tasks.Fixed case CPANEL-25368: Renamed WebProtect to 'Directory Privacy' in WHM feature manager.Fixed case CPANEL-25386: Suppress spurious warning in park admin binary.Fixed case CPANEL-25394: Prevent duplicate integrity check when cleaning up TLS.Fixed case CPANEL-25396: Run non-critical component installs in the background.Fixed case CPANEL-25400: Remove unneeded --force from cPanel install upcp.Fixed case CPANEL-25404: Move install_locallib_loginprofile to the taskqueue.Fixed case CPANEL-25409: Update Exim to 4.92-2.cp1178.Fixed case CPANEL-25413: Make create_user_session return an ip if the hostname is missing dns.Fixed case CPANEL-25416: Remove code to support legacy deleted domains database.Fixed case CPANEL-25418: Cleanup additional EA3 cruft.Fixed case CPANEL-25419: Ensure all users are present in cpanel_initial_install.Fixed case CPANEL-25431: Allow spaces in FTP user home directories.Fixed case CPANEL-25442: Fix datastore corruption from incomplete writes to disk.Fixed case CPANEL-25447: Ensure vps_optimizer configures services based on the system memory.Fixed case CPANEL-25448: Cpanel::MysqlUtils::Version errors if MySQL is not yet installed.Fixed case CPANEL-25455: Nameserver lookup always fails during zone creation.Fixed case CPANEL-25456: Remove legacy EA3 tomcat support.Fixed case CPANEL-25457: Better handle users that are over quota when calling email_archive_maintenance.Fixed case CPANEL-25460: Use --firstinstall on ea_install_profile during cpanel_initial_install.Fixed case CPANEL-25464: Fix userdata_update --reset to recreate multiphp files.Fixed case CPANEL-25468: Update maxmem default in Tweak Settings to 4096MB.Fixed case CPANEL-25481: Check for conflicts in the userdata cache when restoring domains.Fixed case CPANEL-25483: Prevent removing DNS zone that are still linked to active domains.Fixed case CPANEL-25487: Gracefully fail in cPanel >> Domains when userdata files for a domain are missing.Fixed case CPANEL-25487: Fix issue on the Cpanel >> Domains page where updating docroots for subdomains and addons would not function.Fixed case CPANEL-25503: Fix memory issues with cphulkd and brute force attacks.Fixed case CPANEL-25513: Show resellers how to use newly-created API tokens.Fixed case CPANEL-25514: Add check for defined value when building mapped command in api.Fixed case CPANEL-25520: Add NodeJS/Application Manager `announcement` to the feature showcase.Fixed case CPANEL-25530: Account for possible absence of /etc/rndc.conf during test.Fixed case CPANEL-25539: Ensure cPHulk updates Country IP lists without removing whitelist or blacklist entries.Fixed case CPANEL-25540: Disable active form elements when backups are disabled.Fixed case CPANEL-25544: Significantly reduce number of rpm queries needed to install MySQL.Fixed case CPANEL-25545: Suppress uninitialized value from sqloptimizer when disabled.Fixed case CPANEL-25553: Improve runtime of the set_php_memory_limits and the initial setup wizard.Fixed case CPANEL-25555: Download tarballs in the background during initial install.Fixed case CPANEL-25558: Remove legacy nscd checks.Fixed case CPANEL-25559: Fix double locale build on update.Fixed case CPANEL-25561: New upstream release exim-4.92.Fixed case CPANEL-25562: Use fastspawn for cpanel_initial_install.Fixed case CPANEL-25575: Ensure DNSONLY users can test access for the pushbullet, posturl, and icq features of the contact manager.Fixed case CPANEL-25583: Show timing when restarting services.Fixed case CPANEL-25584: cpanellogd can fail to shutdown due to race condition.Fixed case CPANEL-25590: Report errors which previously were silently ignored during the account transfer process.Fixed case CPANEL-25604: find_outdated_services must ignore auditd.Fixed case CPANEL-25609: Prevent check_mysql from running when local MySQL is disabled.Fixed case CPANEL-25611: Fix checkallsslcerts for servers with an IPv6 address.Fixed case CPANEL-25624: Wait for MySQL to start before declaring an upgrade has failed.Fixed case CPANEL-25625: EA4 install should use cPanelPublicRPMKey.asc.Fixed case CPANEL-25633: Update cpanel-php72 to 7.2.7-7.cp1180.Fixed case CPANEL-25642: Create "Install Now" link in NodeJS feature showcase entry.Fixed case CPANEL-25647: Defer API spec build on initial install.Fixed case CPANEL-25649: Ensure dependencies for Node.js applications.Fixed case CPANEL-25656: Don't overwrite the MySQL password for the cPanel MySQL user when using the command line API tooling while REMOTE_PASSWORD is set in the environment.Fixed case CPANEL-25659: Speed up horde config update check.Fixed case CPANEL-25664: Improve handling of long taskrun history files.Fixed case CPANEL-25665: Prevent spurious error while setting quota.Fixed case CPANEL-25674: Update cpanel-mydns to case CPANEL-25680: Improve reliability of gpg key download in fix-cpanel-perl.Fixed case CPANEL-25682: Resolve installer and UI errors when no license is provisioned.Fixed case CPANEL-25686: PECL module installer will exclude modules in beta from search results.Fixed case CPANEL-25688: Add WHMAPI1 call quota_enabled to tell whether quotas are enabled on at least one home drive.Fixed case CPANEL-25692: apache_php_fpm chkservd file is added and than deleted from taskrun.Fixed case CPANEL-25693: Log yum calls during install.Fixed case CPANEL-25696: Populate EA4 Additional Packages dynamically.Fixed case CPANEL-25703: Ensure restartsrv can restart getty@tty1.Fixed case CPANEL-25713: Create Cpanel::Services::List.Fixed case CPANEL-25715: Modulino purge_old_datastores and resetcaches.Fixed case CPANEL-25719: Enable apache_php_fpm to report proper errors upon failure.Fixed case CPANEL-25720: Cache root nameserver lookups in DNS resolver.Fixed case CPANEL-25722: Show PHP friendly name in recommendations.Fixed case CPANEL-25726: Enable nscd on startup if it's enabled as a service.Fixed case CPANEL-25729: Apache Global Configuration help text refactored for readability.Fixed case CPANEL-25731: Allow set_autossl_provider without a license.Fixed case CPANEL-25734: Prevent resolver from inheriting nameservers for root domains.Fixed case CPANEL-25737: Prevent Tomcat Server from inappropriately showing up in the Service Manager and being inappropriately monitored.Fixed case CPANEL-25740: Stop transfers if target homedir doesn't exist.Fixed case CPANEL-25750: Inform user they only get email for user-requested pass changes.Fixed case CPANEL-25764: Remove redundant DNS zone existence check when changing primary domain.Fixed case CPANEL-25767: Remove "PHP-FPM for Apache" from the WHM Service Manager.Fixed case CPANEL-25769: Updated Security Advisor to the latest version.Fixed case CPANEL-25784: Enable resolver setup in WHM for DNSONLY systems.Fixed case CPANEL-25785: Fix restoration of MySQL password hashes in account restorations.Fixed case CPANEL-25794: Update relative /script path references to absolute in files.Fixed case CPANEL-25799: Refine grant requirements to allow RDS MySQL Profiles.Fixed case CPANEL-25800: Take filesystem timestamp precision into consideration in Cpanel::Config::LoadConfig.Fixed case CPANEL-25804: chowncpusers should only check cpanel users.Fixed case CPANEL-25805: Add missing use statement to slurp_exim_mainlog.Fixed case CPANEL-25806: Match Exim white-space behavior when parsing /etc/mailips.Fixed case CPANEL-25810: Ensure rpmup exits with error status when yum fails.Fixed case CPANEL-25811: Mention of execution by rule order to webmail filters page.Fixed case CPANEL-25815: Update cpanel-git to 2.21.0-1.cp1178.Fixed case CPANEL-25818: Prevent systemd from being reloaded each apache restart.Fixed case CPANEL-25852: Fix upgrades to MariaDB 10.3 when deprecated keys are present in the /etc/my.cnf file.Fixed case CPANEL-25857: Add a brief explanation to the Generate Password form.Fixed case CPANEL-25870: Ensure MySQL directory symlinks resolve correctly during upgrades.Fixed case CPANEL-25882: Remove apache_php_fpm from the service status list.Fixed case CPANEL-25893: Provide better instructions for modifying cpanel.config settings.Fixed case CPANEL-25901: Significantly reduce the time to get a Sectigo AutoSSL certificate.Fixed case CPANEL-25906: Log information about my.cnf auto-adjustments to the cPanel error_log.Fixed case CPANEL-25911: Fix issues with checking for and restarting PostgreSQL service caused by hardcoded references to /var/lib/pgsql, improving support for Amazon Linux which uses /var/lib/pgsql9 by default.Fixed case CPANEL-25913: Download RPMs in parallel rather than in series.Fixed case CPANEL-25916: Fix out of order update log messages due to buffering.Fixed case CPANEL-25918: yum fails when httpupdate returns a 500 error.Fixed case CPANEL-25920: Remove all “default._domainkey” records when removing/replacing DKIM.Fixed case CPANEL-25923: The EasyApache 4 UI will no longer hang if yum is locked.Fixed case CPANEL-25924: Remove unneeded checkyum from cpanel_initial_install.Fixed case CPANEL-25933: Accommodate null bytes in mysql_upgrade_info.Fixed case CPANEL-25941: Ensure /etc/domainips is created on fresh install.Fixed case CPANEL-25949: Prevent tailwatchd from starting too early on fresh install.Fixed case CPANEL-25959: Add quota disabled warning when needed to WHM >> Quota Modification page.Fixed case CPANEL-25967: Ensure we can send email when a blocker is found in an install.Fixed case CPANEL-25971: Improve the performance of the API Tokens Lister.Fixed case CPANEL-25976: Ensure Tomcat service does not appear in the service manager when upgrading to 80.Fixed case CPANEL-25984: Update Security Advisor to latest version.Fixed case CPANEL-25989: Prevent mysqlpasswd from calling dbstoregrants for root.Fixed case CPANEL-26005: Remove unused expectperlinstaller.Fixed case CPANEL-26013: Silence spurious errors during v80 install.Fixed case CPANEL-26023: Add an additional argument to the PkgAcct::Restore 'post' hook corresponding to the exploded pkgacct tarball directory.Fixed case CPANEL-26041: Ensure final sysup is run before shutdown on image creation.Fixed case CPANEL-26043: Ensure manual taskqueue runs try for at least 30 minutes.Fixed case CPANEL-26052: Fix logging for Leech Protection directory warnings.Fixed case CPANEL-26060: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.5-3.cp1180.Fixed case CPANEL-26062: Ensure fileprotect runs for account creation.Fixed case CPANEL-26069: Improve Cpanel::TaskQueue::Manager POD and variable usage.Fixed case CPANEL-26076: Make scripts/notify_expiring_certificates tolerate missing Apache TLS.Fixed case CPANEL-26077: Use perl interface to taskqueue when installing plugins.Fixed case CPANEL-26082: Prevent MySQL rpms from being download 2x on fresh install.Fixed case CPANEL-26087: Update Exim to version 4.92-3.cp1178.Fixed case CPANEL-26104: Add sorting to Restore From menu in Backup Restoration application.Fixed case CPANEL-26112: Accommodate Digital Ocean's hidden private ip address.Fixed case CPANEL-26116: Prevent x3 and x3mail locales from being shipped for install.Fixed case CPANEL-26118: Prevent check_valid_server_hostname from being run on fresh install.Fixed case CPANEL-26152: Fix spurious error while checking quota files.Fixed case CPANEL-26160: Flush Dovecot authn cache when a user’s UTF8MAILBOX setting changes.Fixed case CPANEL-26164: Remove extraneous my.cnf setup from legacy config installer.Fixed case CPANEL-26167: Ensure auto-adjust-mysql-limits waits until mysql is online.Fixed case CPANEL-26171: Always reconfigure Exim when running setupmailserver.Fixed case CPANEL-26184: Resolve uninitialized value warnings for the updatenameserverips.Fixed case CPANEL-26215: Fix HTTP_PORT inheritance bug in Cpanel::DAV::Config::Base.Fixed case CPANEL-26224: Greatly improve the reliability of initquotas.Fixed case CPANEL-26226: Clear appconfig in-memory cache while updating WHM plugins cache.Fixed case CPANEL-26228: Reuse DNS query ID for parallel queries in DNS resolver.Fixed case CPANEL-26238: Disable persistent UDP in DnsRoots::Resolver.Fixed case CPANEL-26249: Unship cpanel-version RPM.Fixed case CPANEL-26268: Fix temporary database name encoding in Horde MySQL restorations.Fixed case CPANEL-26283: Prevent cpsess_tool from creating too many MySQL connections.Fixed case CPANEL-26289: Ensure that the en locale is available immediately after install.Fixed case CPANEL-26298: Prevent premature maintenance termination when MySQL is down.Fixed case CPANEL-26308: Fix link in MySQL reset password email.Fixed case CPANEL-26315: Prevent Wordpress plugin from modifying B::C hash.Fixed case CPANEL-26319: Increase timeout to ensure cpanellogd shuts down cleanly.Fixed case CPANEL-26321: Ensure Cpanel::Logger handles :utf8 handles.Fixed case CPANEL-26333: Allow CCS to show in manage plugins when it is ready.Fixed case CPANEL-25881: Add ability to restore accounts in WHM directly from remote FTP backup destinations.Implemented case CPANEL-24737: Use TaskQueue for cPanel PHP FPM setup.Implemented case CPANEL-24780: Defer homedir removal to the background under ionice.Implemented case CPANEL-24838: Revise appearance of validation results for additional destinations.Implemented case CPANEL-24961: Automate installation of LiteSpeed or update of latest key if license exists in cPStore for a server.Implemented case CPANEL-24967: Reduce ssl install time for large amount of subdomains during restore.Implemented case CPANEL-24976: Add input return_https_redirect_status=1 to API calls: UAPI DomainInfo domains_data UAPI DomainInfo single_domain_data API2 Park listparkeddomains API2 SubDomain listsubdomains API2 AddonDomain listaddondomains This results in extra information about https redirect status to the caller when passed.Implemented case CPANEL-24976: Add 2 cPanel UAPI calls to the SSL module: toggle_https_redirect_for_domains can_https_redirect.Implemented case CPANEL-24979: Add a UI Component to Configure Plus Addressing.Implemented case CPANEL-24979: Add a UI Component to Configure Plus Addressing.Implemented case CPANEL-24979: Add Plus Addressing to Manage Default Email Account.Implemented case CPANEL-25009: Add Plus Addressing Folder Creation to Webmail.Implemented case CPANEL-25021: Limit AutoSSL from following redirects based on the provider.Implemented case CPANEL-25062: Add “scripts/cpdig” as a diagnostic tool for DNS lookups.Implemented case CPANEL-25074: Create spam folder for all email accounts on upgrade.Implemented case CPANEL-25098: Email Deliverability: Re-term “Download” as “View” for DKIM keys.Implemented case CPANEL-25117: Make EA4 repo installation replace old repo file.Implemented case CPANEL-25166: Always create the spam folder when an email account is created.Implemented case CPANEL-25180: Disable LiteSpeed links in EA4 interface when needed.Implemented case CPANEL-25213: Enable spam box by default when an account is created.Implemented case CPANEL-25250: Add A Feature Showcase for Plus Addressing Config.Implemented case CPANEL-25289: Add enable spam box checkbox to create account.Implemented case CPANEL-25301: Updated cPanel Analytics to gather anonymized data about style use.Implemented case CPANEL-25306: Make API Tokens datastore accommodate cpanel and other services.Implemented case CPANEL-25345: Defer full yum update until after cPanel install is completed.Implemented case CPANEL-25375: Prevent installer from being tied up by verify_api_spec_files.Implemented case CPANEL-25381: API Token Features will now indicate whether they are plugins.Implemented case CPANEL-25381: Add Creation Page to API Tokens Interface in cPanel.Implemented case CPANEL-25381: Add Batch delete to API Tokens Interface in cPanel.Implemented case CPANEL-25381: Update the API Tokens Interface to have a Manage View.Implemented case CPANEL-25381: Add cPanel API Token Lister Interface.Implemented case CPANEL-25381: Add the Ability to Revoke an API Token on the Manage Screen.Implemented case CPANEL-25381: Limited is the new Default Creation Option for API Tokens.Implemented case CPANEL-25381: Add the Ability to Stay on the Create Page after Token Copy.Implemented case CPANEL-25392: Add APIs for cPanel API tokens.Implemented case CPANEL-25414: Provide a one time login url after the install.Implemented case CPANEL-25429: Update setupipaliases to use new Cpanel::Init::Simple interface.Implemented case CPANEL-25449: Remove EA3 support from bin/leechprotectinstall.Implemented case CPANEL-25450: Remove legacy EA3 tooling: checkerrorlogsafe.Implemented case CPANEL-25454: Remove EA3 install code from install/Apache.pm.Implemented case CPANEL-25504: Remove legacy clean_user_cpbackup-excludes.Implemented case CPANEL-25508: Make P0f connect operations timeout.Implemented case CPANEL-25572: Consolidate feature and demo checks for UAPI.Implemented case CPANEL-25574: Make has_feature and list_features api aware of feature overrides.Implemented case CPANEL-25587: Add EOL warnings for System and Per Domain PHPs.Implemented case CPANEL-25595: Add get_feature_metadata to UAPI Features module.Implemented case CPANEL-25598: Fallback to IPv4 DCV when IPv6 DCV fails for known proxies.Implemented case CPANEL-25621: Add a package level feature for cPanel API tokens.Implemented case CPANEL-25650: Remove one time migration script install::LegacyBackups.Implemented case CPANEL-25652: Remove legacy MySQL based eximstats code.Implemented case CPANEL-25660: Convert cpservice calls to Cpanel::Init::Simple.Implemented case CPANEL-25687: Add WHMAPI1s for showing disk usage and limits.Implemented case CPANEL-25724: Implement WHMAPI1 socket reports for TCP and UDP via IPv4 and IPv6.Implemented case CPANEL-25732: Consolidate feature and demo checks for API2.Implemented case CPANEL-25752: Allow resellerstats WHMAPI to access previous month history.Implemented case CPANEL-25757: Provide WHM API v1 access to the Security Advisor.Implemented case CPANEL-25770: Add a Feature Showcase Entry for cPanel API Tokens.Implemented case CPANEL-25839: Add WHMAPI1 methods to retrieve unique recipient counts.Implemented case CPANEL-25887: Teach cpsrvd to recognize cPanel API tokens for UAPI.Implemented case CPANEL-25900: Add custom Pkgacct component support for plugins.Implemented case CPANEL-25910: Make undefined values not warn when WHM API v1 filters unlimited-aware.Implemented case CPANEL-25917: Add logging for calls to cPanel API1 functions.Implemented case CPANEL-25944: Run sysup in the background while downloading files.Implemented case CPANEL-25951: Remove Cpanel::StatCache::Persistant.Implemented case CPANEL-25977: WHM: Remove the banner for unsupported MySQL versions.Implemented case CPANEL-25977: Add an upgrade blocker for local or remote MySQL servers running versions less than 5.6.Implemented case CPANEL-26006: Add field to Backup Configuration form for backup staging directory.Implemented case CPANEL-26029: Update the Roundcube log directory to be logs/roundcube/ within the cPanel users' home directory.Implemented case CPANEL-26029: Update Roundcube to version 1.3.8, add calendaring plugin.Implemented case CPANEL-26029: Fix double authentication bug in cpdavd when accessing the Horde calendar via CALDAV.Implemented case CPANEL-26042: Add support for other calendar servers to Cpanel::DAV::Config.Implemented case CPANEL-26045: Prevent MySQL rpm download from starting before EA4 first install.Implemented case CPANEL-26059: Run auto-adjust-mysql-limits from installer in Task Queue.Implemented case CPANEL-26170: Adjust binary compression to match other assets.Implemented case CPANEL-26343: Enable update of SSL information for CCS.


cPanel 是一套在网页寄存业中最享负盛名的商业软件,是基于于 Linux 和 BSD 系统及以 PHP 开发且性质为闭源软件;提供了足够强大和相当完整的主机管理功能,诸如:Webmail 及多种电邮协议、网页化 FTP 管理、SSH 连线、数据库管理系统、DNS 管理等远端网页式主机管理软件功能。







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