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Change Log for 79.9999.200


Fixed case CPANEL-24832: Workaround systemd race condition which can cause it to kill cpsrvd.Fixed case CPANEL-25310: Fix bug where the file upload part counter was being improperly incremented when a part failed to upload in a manner we could re-try.Fixed case CPANEL-25310: Fix uninitialized variable warning in Backblaze transport.Fixed case CPANEL-25907: Prevent upgrades when the target filesystem has insufficient number of free inodes available.Fixed case CPANEL-25914: Improve domain name display in the List Accounts interface.Fixed case CPANEL-25947: Update cpanel-clamav to 0.101.1-1.cp1180.Fixed case CPANEL-25987: Update cpanel-dovecot to 2.3.5-2.Fixed case CPANEL-26022: Display correct user home directory in cPanel>>Cron Jobs.Fixed case CPANEL-26068: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.5-4.Fixed case CPANEL-26090: Daemonize update roundcube scripts by default.Fixed case CPANEL-26159: Update display of browser tab titles in Webmail.Fixed case CPANEL-26173: Compress many files at once using Compress::Raw::Lzma.Fixed case CPANEL-26202: Continue processing the next host when wildcard is spotted.Fixed case CPANEL-26207: Resolver to handle 2nd level domains on the public suffix list.Fixed case CPANEL-26209: Set links in WHM Showcase>>Email Deliverability to open new tab.Fixed case CPANEL-26217: Improve WHM interface search results for nameservers.Fixed case CPANEL-26262: Prevent Exim log errors about spamd when SpamAssassin is disabled.Fixed case CPANEL-26264: Restart ubic-watchdog processes after perl updates.Fixed case CPANEL-26275: Do not show the warning about enabling quotas on dnsonly servers.Fixed case CPANEL-26277: Add incoming_http_requests.log to default log rotation.Fixed case CPANEL-26280: Ensure all original exim.pl code is replaced with version specific code.Fixed case CPANEL-26287: Add pre & post hook points to addpop & delpop scripts.Fixed case CPANEL-26294: Prevent manual invocation of tailwatchd.Fixed case CPANEL-26309: Give mysql more time to startup before declaring failure on upgrade.Fixed case CPANEL-26311: Preserve /etc/my.cnf when switching database packages.Fixed case CPANEL-26317: Improve Cpanel::NAT::Object performance.Fixed case CPANEL-26320: Update exim to 4.92-1.cp1180.Fixed case CPANEL-26324: Block MySQL upgrades on systems with badly configured root MySQL passwords.Fixed case CPANEL-26363: Ensure a MySQL profile always exists after initial install.Fixed case CPANEL-26373: Initialize the plugin file initial object with defaults.Fixed case CPANEL-26378: Tweak logic for replacement of .service files in Cpanel::Init.Fixed case CPANEL-26383: Ensure MariaDB 10.3 gets started in the correct cgroup on failure.Fixed case CPANEL-26393: Remove legacy install/SQLLimit.pm.Fixed case CPANEL-26457: Prevent double apache restarts on domain removal when FPM enabled.Fixed case CPANEL-26470: Fix fatal error in WHM "Install an RPM" interface.Fixed case CPANEL-26498: Fix syntax for spamd condition in Exim configuration.[security] Fixed case CPANEL-26503: Update cpanel-mailman to 2.1.27-3. Fixes CVE-2018-13796.[security] Fixed case CPANEL-26539: Update dovecot to 2.3.5-3. Fixes CVE-2019-7524.Implemented case CPANEL-26424: Ensure queueprocd is started on fresh install.Implemented case CPANEL-26429: Fix Net::DNS re partial background TCP packets. (RT #128901).Implemented case CPANEL-26437: Integrate Imunify360 purchase and install process into WHM.


cPanel 是一套在网页寄存业中最享负盛名的商业软件,是基于于 Linux 和 BSD 系统及以 PHP 开发且性质为闭源软件;提供了足够强大和相当完整的主机管理功能,诸如:Webmail 及多种电邮协议、网页化 FTP 管理、SSH 连线、数据库管理系统、DNS 管理等远端网页式主机管理软件功能。






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